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First-Year Zone

We are so excited that you have decided to join our faculty and we look forward to meeting you! The Academic Advising team is your main point of contact in the faculty and we can provide you with support and assistance related to all facets of university life.

How is university different from high school?

  • You are now an adult learner; it is your responsibility to take the initiative that will support your education.
  • Self-motivation becomes critical in university as professors do not check up on you to ensure that you have completed assignments or kept on top of your readings.
  • Class attendance is not mandatory, but it is essential for your success.
  • Classes are much bigger than in high school (up to 500 students), but class sizes will become progressively smaller again in upper-year courses.
  • You will do more work outside of class than you do in class. Time in class is spent listening to lectures, discussing and note taking.
  • Time management is key! You will feel like you have LOTS of extra time because you are only in class up to 15 hours per week. Don’t be deceived. Use your time wisely—balance is important.
  • Final grades can be based on two or three assignments or exams, so it is important to give 100 per cent in everything you do.
  • Group work comes up in almost every class, so you will have to get used to it. No one likes a slacker, so make sure you contribute equally!
  • University allows you to choose your own academic focus and to take courses that truly interest you.
  • University provides access to more knowledge and it allows you to expand your mind. Your past beliefs and ways of thinking will be challenged.
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