Dr. Kimberly Clow

Associate professor 

Research interests:

  • Discrimination;
  • Prejudice; and
  • Stereotypes.

Research supervision areas: 

  • Perceptions of gender;
  • Stereotypes and prejudice; and
  • Wrongful conviction.

Dr. Kimberley Clow joined UOIT in 2004. She holds a PhD degree in Social Psychology from the University of Western Ontario in London. 

Dr. Clow typically teaches research-based courses, as well as Introductory Psychology. Her current research projects focus on:

  • The effects of stereotypes on decision-making;
  • Masculinity and femininity subtypes;
  • Stereotypes of men in nursing; and
  • Stigma in the criminal justice system.

She is particularly interested in how individuals perceive one another, the consequences of those perceptions, and possible ways of altering those perceptions. She enjoys collaborative research with students and colleagues in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, other UOIT faculties, other universities and from the community. If you are interested in becoming part of Dr. Clow’s research team, please contact her directly. 

Research grants:

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council project (2009 to 2014) - Working to improve the inclusion of visible minorities and immigrants in second and third tier Ontario cities.

Curriculum vitae