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Dr. Ganaele Langlois

Assistant Professor

Research interests:

  • Critical theory and philosophy of communication;
  • New media;
  • Online methodologies; and
  • Web 2.0 and online politics.

Research supervision areas:

  • Critical theory;
  • Cultural studies;
  • New media;
  • Philosophy of communication; and
  • Science and technology studies.

Dr. Ganaele Langlois completed her Master of Arts degree and PhD degree Communication and Culture joint program at York and Ryerson Universities in Toronto, Ontario. Her dissertation is entitled The Technocultural Dimensions of Meaning: Towards a Mixed Semiotics of the World Wide Web. In 2008-2009, she held a Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) post-doctoral fellowship at the Infoscape Research Lab at Ryerson University. She also received an honorary visiting fellowship from the National Centre for e-Social Science at the University of Manchester, UK in 2009.

Recent grant information:

  • Collaborator. SSHRC Standard Research Grant. Principal investigator: Greg Elmer (Ryerson University). Collaborators: Rachel Gibson (University of Manchester, UK), Nick Jankowski (Virtual Knowledge Studio, Netherlands), Maurice Vergeer (Radboud University, Netherlands), Andy Williamson (Hansard Society, UK), Kenneth C. Werbin (Ryerson University). Politics 2.0: Tracking Internet Traffic, Tags, and User-Generated Content. 2009-2011 (Budget: $80,000); and
  • Workshop Organizer. World Class University Project. Government of Korea. 2009-2012. Principal researchers: Han-Woo Park (YeungNam University), Maurice Vergeer (Radboud University), Greg Elmer (Ryerson University). (Budget for the entire project: US$5 million).
Curriculum vitae
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