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This is a picture of Dr. Christopher O'Connor of FSSH at UOIT

Christopher O'Connor

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

Contact information

Bordessa Hall - Room 316
Downtown Oshawa
55 Bond Street East
Oshawa, ON

905.721.8668 ext. 5882



Dr. Christopher O’Connor received his PhD in Sociology from the University of Calgary where he studied school-to-work transitions and perceptions of crime in the boomtown of Fort McMurray, Alberta. He completed his master’s degree in Sociology and his Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Carleton University. Prior to joining UOIT, Dr. O’Connor was an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin – Superior. 


  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Criminology and Criminal Justice Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario
  • Masters degree in Sociology Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario
  • PhD in Sociology University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta

Courses taught

  • Data Analysis
  • Advanced Justice Studies
  • Integrating Projects

Research and expertise


  • Selected publications

    O’Connor, C.D. (2015). Classed, raced, and gendered biographies: Young people’s understandings of social structures in a boomtown. Journal of Youth Studies. Advanced online publication DOI: 10.1080/13676261.2014.1001829

    O’Connor, C.D. (2014). Insiders and outsiders: Social change, deviant others, and sense of community in a boomtown. International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice. Advanced online publication DOI: 10.1080/01924036.2014.973049  

    O’Connor, C.D. (2014). Agency and reflexivity in boomtown transitions: Young people deciding on a school and work direction. Journal of Education and Work. 27(4): 372-391 (originally published online in 2012).

    O’Connor, C.D. (2013). Engaging young people? The experiences, challenges, and successes of Canadian youth advisory councils. In Sociological Studies of Children and Youth, edited by S.K. Nenga and J.K. Taft. Vol. 16, Emerald.

    O’Connor, C.D. (2011). Young people experiencing work in a boomtown labour market. In Young People and Work, edited by R. Price, P. McDonald, B. Pini, and J. Bailey. Ashgate.

    O’Connor, C.D. (2010). Empowered communities or self-governing citizens? (Re)examining Social Control Within the Move toward Community. In Social Control: Informal, Legal and Medical, edited by J.J. Chriss. Emerald.

    O’Connor, C.D. (2008). Citizen attitudes toward the police in Canada. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management. 31(4): 578-595.

    O’Connor, C.D. & Kelly, K. (2006). Auto theft and youth culture: A nexus of masculinities, femininities and car culture. Journal of Youth Studies. Vol. 9(3): 247-268.

    O’Connor, C.D. (2006). Preventing the theft of motor vehicles: The limits of deterrence. Journal of Passenger Cars: Electronic and Electrical Systems. 115: 969-978.

  • Recent conference presentations

    O’Connor, C.D. (2015). “Theorizing youth truancy: Rethinking absence and (re)framing justice responses.” 52ndAnnual Meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Orlando, Florida, March.

    O’Connor, C.D. (2014). “The Police on Twitter: Best Practices and Implications for Community Policing.” 70th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology. San Francisco, California, November.

    O’Connor, C. D. (2014). “An examination of the impact of North Dakota’s oil boom on crime.” 51st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February.

    O’Connor, C.D. (2013). “North American Energy Security/Insecurity: All Roads lead to Fort McMurray, Alberta.” 22ndBiennial Association for Canadian Studies in the United States Conference. Tampa, Florida, November.

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