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Crisis Centre

Barbara Perry


Undergraduate Program Director, Criminology

Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

Contact information

Bordessa Hall - Room 325
Downtown Oshawa
55 Bond Street East
Oshawa, ON

905.721.8668 ext. 3411


Dr. Barbara Perry has written extensively in the area of hate crime. Her books include:

  • In the Name of Hate: Understanding Hate Crimes
  • Hate and Bias Crime: A Reader
  • The Silent Victims: Hate Crimes Against Native Americans

She is also General Editor of a five-volume set on hate crime (Praeger), and Editor of Volume 3: The Victims of Hate Crime, which is part of that set.

Dr. Perry has also written on policing diverse communities, including work on social control in Native American communities. She has made substantial contributions to the limited scholarship on hate crime in Canada. Most recently, she has contributed to a scholarly understanding of anti-Muslim violence, hate crime against LGBTQ communities, and the community impacts of hate crime.

Dr. Perry has created two websites about her research:

  • Hate crime
  • Islamophobia

Curriculum vitae


  • PhD, Sociology Carleton University

Research and expertise

Research interests:

  • hate crime
  • policing diversity

Research supervision areas:

  • diversity
  • First Nations and justice
  • hate crime
  • human rights
  • incarceration
  • race and justice
  • diversity and policing
  • sexualities and justice
  • terrorism/extremism