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Research highlights

February 23, 2015

Dr. Andrea Braithwaite, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Braithwaite is also a Contributing Columnist for Her latest column, entitled Streets Behind: Nostalgia in Community, explores how television sitcom Community uses a shared pop-culture history to connect its characters to each other, and the audience to the characters. The characters display nostalgia for past popular culture, as a way to manage their current disappointing life experiences. For the sitcom’s characters, as well as its audience, nostalgic allusion and parody are primary strategies for making meaning.

Dr. Scott Aquanno, Lecturer

Dr. Shanti Fernando, Assistant Professor; Dr. Alyson King, Assistant Professor; and Danielle Loney, fourth-year Forensic Psychology student

Dr. Leigh Harkins, Assistant Professor

Dr. Timothy MacNeill, Lecturer

Dr. Isabel Pedersen, Canada Research Chair in Digital Life, Media, and Culture

March 9, 2015

Dr. Thomas McMorrow, Assistant Professor

Dr. McMorrow recently published two book chapters in Dimensions of Indigenous Economic Autonomy (Montréal: Editions Thémis, 2015), edited by Roderick A. Macdonald and Véronique Fortin:

  • Who Owns the Meaning of Property in Indigenous Collectivities? (pages 15 to 33)
  • Why New Laws Alone Won’t Yield Indigenous Economic Autonomy (pages 59 to 89) 

March 16, 2015

Dr. Tyler Frederick, Assistant Professor

  • Frederick, Tyler J., Michal Chwalek, Jean Hughes, Jeff Karabanow, and Sean Kidd (2014). How stable is stable? Defining and measuring housing stability. Journal of Community Psychology, 42(8): 964-979.
  • Frederick, Tyler J., Sean Kidd, Jeff Karabanow, Jean Hughes, and Skye Barbic. Mental Health, Well-Being, and the Transition Away from Homelessness. For presentation at the 2014 Annual Meeting of Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, November 3 to 5, 2014, Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Frederick, Tyler J., Tarasoff, Lesley, Virdee, Gursharan, and Sean A. Kidd. Defining Community for Persons with Psychosis.  For presentation at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association, June 5 to 7, 2014, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Dr. Judith Grant, Associate Professor

Dr. Christopher O'Connor, Assistant Professor


Conference presentations:

  • O’Connor, C. (2014). The Police on Twitter: Best Practices and Implications for Community Policing. 70th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology. San Francisco, California, November 2014.
  • O’Connor, C. (2014). An examination of the impact of North Dakota’s oil boom on crime. 51st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 2014.

Dr. Phillip Shon, Associate Professor

March 30, 2015

Dr. Andrea Braithwaite, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Braithwaite is a Contributing Columnist for Her latest column, entitled Epic Win: The Guild and Communities of Play, explores the relationship between a group of gamers on the hit web series The Guild, who spend much of their time playing The Game - a thinly veiled version of the hugely successful massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) World of Warcraft. The Guild illustrates what Celia Pearce calls a community of play: people who gravitate toward each other based on a common interest, and create their own deeply social and emotional bonds. In doing so, the show demonstrates how virtual spaces are made meaningful by people’s shared actions in these spaces.

Dr. Brian Cutler, Professor and Associate Dean

Dr. Cutler also recently participated on a panel entitled Interviews and Interrogations: Reducing the Risk of Unreliable Confessions. The panel was part of a full-day workshop entitled The Latest Developments in Detention, Arrest, Interviewing and Interrogation: Law and Practice. The workshop was sponsored by Osgoode Professional Development of York University.

April 20, 2015

Dr. Andrea Braithwaite, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Braithwaite is a Contributing Columnist for Her latest column, entitled 'Buckle up, bitches. Nothing is as it seems': Gothic conventions in Pretty Little Liars, explores the Gothic conventions teen TV series Pretty Little Liars incorporates into its episodes for narrative and emotional impact. From surveillance and paranoia to doppelgängers and emotional betrayal, the show uses the Gothic to explore what it means and how it feels to grow up female in the age of smartphones and social media.

June 8, 2015

Dr. Wesley Crichlow, Associate Professor

Dr. Brian Cutler, Professor and Associate Dean

Dr. Cutler's research was featured in an article entitled Eyewitness testimony versus The Truth: Durham prof plumbs the causes of wrongful convictions. The article appeared on page 11 of the June 2015 issue of Loupe magazine.

Dr. Andrea Slane, Associate Professor

Dr. Slane authored a chapter entitled Motion to Dismiss: Bias Crime, Online Communication, and the Sex Lives of Others in NJ v. Ravi. The chapter can be found on page 253 of eGirls, eCitizens, an open-access online volume that explores the many forces that shape girls’ and young women’s experiences of privacy, identity and equality in our digitally networked society.

August 4, 2015

Dr. Kimberley Clow, Associate Professor and Dr. Amy-May Leach, Associate Professor

Kimberley A. Clow and.Amy-May Leach. After innocence: Perceptions of individuals who have been wrongfully convicted. Legal and Criminological Psychology, Volume 20, Issue 1, pages 147 to 164, February 2015.

Dr. Joseph Eastwood, Assistant Professor

Joseph Eastwood, Brent Snook and Kirk Luther. On The Need to Ensure Better Comprehension of Interrogation Rights. Canadian Criminal Law Review, June 2014.

August 17, 2015

Dr. Joseph Eastwood, Assistant Professor and Jiana Caldwell, Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science), class of 2014

Eastwood J and Caldwell J. Educating Jurors about Forensic Evidence: Using an Expert Witness and Judicial Instructions to Mitigate the Impact of Invalid Forensic Science Testimony. Journal of Forensic Science, August 3, 2015.

September 14, 2015

Dr. Shahid Alvi, Professor; Dr. Carla Cesaroni, Associate Professor; and Dr. Steven Downing, Associate Professor

Dr. Barbara Perry, Professor

In press/in print


  • Perry, B., Legislating Hate In Ireland: The View from Here. In A. Haynes, J. Schweppe, S. Taylor (eds.). Critical Perspectives on Hate Crime: Contributions from the Island of Ireland. London: Palgrave.
  • Perry, B., and Scrivens, R. White Pride Worldwide: Constructing Global Identities Online. In J. Schweppe and M. Walters (eds.). The Globalisation of Hate: Internationalising Hate Crime? Oxford University Press.
  • Perry, B.“Rejected and dejected”:The Impacts and Contexts of Islamophobic Violence. In Kim Sadique and Perry Stanislas (eds.), Religion, Faith and Crime.
  • Perry, B. Diversity, Crime, and Justice in Canada (2nd edition), Oxford University Press.
    • Includes the following revised chapters:
      • Perry, B. Considering Diversity and Justice in Canada.
      • Perry, B. Framing Difference.
      • Perry, B. The Mythical Norm.
      • Zong, L., and Perry, B. Chinese Immigrants in Canada and Social Justice: From Overt to Covert Racial Discrimination.
      • Alvi, S., and Perry, B. South Asians and Justice in Canada.
      • Perry, B. Criminal Justice/Social Justice.
      • Ismaili, K., Immigration, Immigrants, and the Shifting Dynamics of Social Exclusion in Canada.
      • Wortley, S. and Owusu-Bempah, A. Crime and Justice: The Experiences of Black Canadians.
      • Helly, D. Justice and Islam in Canada.

October 5, 2015

Dr. Wesley Crichlow, Associate Professor

Janelle Joseph and Wesley Crichlow (editors). Alternative Offender Rehabilitation and Social Justice. Arts and Physical Engagement in Criminal Justice and Community Settings. Palgrave Macmillan, August 2015.

Dr. Timothy MacNeill, Lecturer

Tim MacNeill. Development as imperialism: Power and the Perpetuation of poverty in Indigenous Communities in Coastal Honduras. Humanity & Society (print publication forthcoming in November 2015, but currently published online).

October 13, 2015

Dr. Leigh Harkins, Assistant Professor

Kewley, S., Beech, A., Harkins, L., and Bonsall, H. (2015). Effective risk management planning for those convicted of sexual offending. Journal of Aggression, Conflict, and Peace Research., 7, 237-2357.

November 16, 2015

Dr. Isabel Pedersen, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Digital Life, Media, and Culture

November 23, 2015

Dr. Andrea Braithwaite, Senior Lecturer



Dr. Sharon Lauricella, Associate Professor

December 21, 2015

Dr. Thomas McMorrow, Assistant Professor

January 19, 2016

Dr. Karla Emeno, Assistant Professor


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