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Our graduate students

Below is a chart of our graduate students and their fields of study.

Senior Criminology students



Mehek Arif

Mehek Arif

Mehek completed her Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Honours) degree in Criminology at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts (MA) in Criminology under the co-supervision of Arshia Zaidi, PhD and Shahid Alvi, PhD. Her thesis explores the religious values, cultural norms and secular-pluralistic social environments that may foster perceptions that demonize or criminalize sexuality within a Canadian immigrant South Asian Muslim family.

Karen, Chu, MA, Criminology

Karen Chu

  • big data surveillance
  • cybercrime
  • fraud
  • privacy
MA, Criminology, Kristen, De Silva

Kristen De Silva

  • cybercrime
  • gender and sexuality
  • technology and crime
  • sexting and tweens/sexual development of tweens in a technological society
MA, criminology, Alma, Ekuban

Alma Ekuban

  • examining victims of domestic abuse, their grieving process and the criminal justice system
Jordan, Etherington, MA, criminology

Jordan Etherington

  • the alt-right, gamergate and harassment
Dallas, Hill, MA, criminology

Dallas Hill

  • psychopathy and gender
Victoria Hunt

Victoria Hunt

Victoria completed her BA (Honours) in Criminology at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Working towards a MA in Criminology, she is writing a major paper in the field of hate crime, under the supervision of Barbara Perry, PhD. The paper will explore the representations of hate crime within the media comparatively between Canada and the United Kingdom. The focus will be on stories reported in the newspapers related to violence or hate crimes committed against members, actual or perceived, of the LGBTQ community.

MA, Criminology, Sarah, Ibaid

Sarah Ibaid

  • examining social inequalities and their consequences for ethnic minority youth
MA, criminology, Jacek, Koziarski

Jacek Koziarski

  • policing and mental health
MA, criminology, Ryan, LePage

Ryan LePage

  • etiology of intimate partner violence
  • male perpetrators of intimate partner violence
MA, criminology, Lance, MacArthur

Lance MacArthur

  • criminal law, Indigenous rights and sentencing
MA, criminology, Stephanie, Matusiak

Stephanie Matusiak

  • sex offender registry between the United States and Canada; the impact on offenders and the public
MA, criminology, Victoria, Morris

Victoria Morris

  • alternatives to incarceration
MA, criminology, Jessi, Murray

Jessi Murray

  • drug policy reform
  • harm reduction
MA, criminology, Kevin, Myles

Kevin Myles

  • theories of violent crime in modern society from a social-psychological perspective
Rachael Nunes

Rachael Nunes

Rachael received her BA (Honours) in Criminology from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and advanced her interest in Risk Management to her thesis work in graduate studies. Working with Christopher O'Connor, PhD (supervisor) and Phillip Shon, PhD (co-supervisor), Rachael is analyzing how risk is mitigated through security operations at large public events. Specifically, she will focus her attention on a municipality within the Greater Toronto Area to view how risky criminal behaviour is monitored, reduced and prevented by city officials and police. 

MA, criminology, Ryan, Partington

Ryan Partington

  • serial murder and the impacts on the accused families
Laura, Steeves, MA, criminology

Laura Steeves

  • decriminalization of marijuana in Canada
  • rights of migrant workers
Jordan, Taxon, MA, criminology

Jorden Taxon

  • hackers who kill
  • the Internet of things
Amber Vibert

Amber Vibert

Amber completed her BA (Honours) in Criminology with a specialization in Criminal Justice at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Her thesis explores a qualitative approach to researching the use of art as well as the impact of arts and arts-programming in a community setting for street-involved or marginalized youth. She has conducted interviews and focus groups with young adults in Toronto through SKETCH, an organization geared towards diverse arts engagement for those living on the margins. She has always been interested in youth justice and has a passion for the arts. Her supervisor is Steven Downing, PhD and her committee member is Tyler Frederick, PhD. 

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