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Tuesday, March 26 | Illicit Markets and Criminal Networks in Transnational Environmental Crime

Guest speaker: Lorraine Elliott, PhD, Professor Emerita in International Relations, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, Australian National University

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Thursday, March 28 | Passion and Pride: Driving Oshawa's Transformation

Panel members include: Dan Carter, Mayor, City of Oshawa; Jennifer French, MPP, Oshawa; and Derek Giberson, City Councillor, Oshawa

We are proud of Oshawa’s passion for cars and the automotive industry. What could happen to our community’s identity when the Oshawa General Motors plant closes? Is this a chance for transformation or the end of an era? 

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Friday, April 5 | Examining and Comparing the Motivations and Methods of Cybercriminals

Guest speaker: Thomas Holt, PhD, Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University

As most industrialized nations have become dependent on the Internet for all aspects of commerce and critical infrastructure operations, it is critical that we understand the threats posed by computer hackers and attackers. Most researchers consider this issue from a technical standpoint, identifying attack tools and mitigation strategies, creating gaps in our understanding of the human actors behind the screen. This presentation will consider the practices of actors motivated by two distinct interests: monetary gain and ideological beliefs. Differences in the methods and targets of these attackers will be explored using data from various open sources, including forums, news media, and the attackers themselves. The implications for our understanding of cybercriminality and cybersecurity practice will be considered in detail.

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