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Forensic Psychology

The Forensic Psychology program is all about the area where human and criminal behaviour intersect. It will take into account the core disciplines of psychology:

  • Clinical;
  • Cognitive;
  • Developmental; and
  • Social.

These have both research and practical applications within the civil and criminal justice systems. It is also designed to provide applied learning experience to help prepare you to work in a variety of roles or consider pursuing graduate level studies in Psychology or Forensic Psychology.

You will be engaged in the study of several areas of forensics including:

  • Confessions and interrogations;
  • Eyewitness psychology;
  • Investigative psychology; and
  • Justice theory and policy.

This program begins with a foundation year to provide you with a range of knowledge and skills and an introduction to different areas of social science, including:

  • Criminal justice;
  • Legal studies;
  • Philosophy;
  • Political science;
  • Psychology; and
  • Sociology.

Courses include:

  • Abnormal Psychology;
  • Brain and Behaviour;
  • Children, Psychology and the Law;
  • Confessions and Interrogations;
  • Eyewitness Psychology;
  • Investigative Psychology;
  • Psychology of Deviance;
  • Psychology of Law;
  • Social Psychology; and
  • Treatment in Forensic Settings.
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