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Important information

The following information is specific to the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH). For general information regarding Graduate Studies, including thesis information, deadlines, procedures, graduation, etc., visit the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

Graduate Student Handbook

The handbook contains useful information about FSSH, faculty research areas, the graduate program, course listings, and thesis-related matters.

Faculty by Rank and Discipline

This document provides information about faculty members who are on a leave of absence. Future and current students should check the availability of faculty members before choosing a Research Supervisor.

List of Major Conferences Attended by FSSH Faculty Members

This document provides a list of conferences our faculty members attend. Future and current students should consult the list as potential outlets for sharing their work.

Application for Reading Course

Reading courses are generally taken during the second year of the Master of Arts program (see Graduate Student Handbook). First-year students who are thinking about enrolling in a reading course in their second year should talk to a potential supervisor prior to the beginning of the semester they wish to be enrolled. For example, if you wish to enrol for a reading course during the Winter 2019 semester, you should meet with a potential supervisor to discuss course requirements and expectations, as well as a preliminary reading list, in the Fall 2018 semester. The final reading list and course requirements are decided by supervising faculty members. The Application for Reading Course form should be completed and submitted to Michelle Patterson four weeks prior to the start of the next semester. This form is intended for record-keeping purposes only.

Graduate Reading List

This list, compiled by Criminology faculty members, includes recommended readings for incoming Criminology graduate students. The readings include classical and contemporary works that are important to the discipline, inspiring to department members, and/or germane to their research, teaching and mentorship. 

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