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Bachelor of Arts (Honours): Communication and Digital Media Studies

Program information

Every organization in society—from businesses and governments to advocacy groups and the creative industries—needs communication professionals who understand the roles and effects of communication technologies. To maintain a competitive advantage, communication professionals also need to understand how to communicate through old and new media platforms. The Communication and Digital Media Studies program will help you develop these 21st-century skills as you explore the economic, political and cultural drivers and the impact of communications and digital media in society. Our program will enhance your spoken, written and digital communication skills; develop your knowledge about how a range of media forms like TV shows, films, video games, wearables, smartphones, tablets, blogs, social networking platforms and search engines are changing the world; expand your cultural awareness and enrich your life in a time in which communications is everywhere and in everything.

Student reading

Career opportunities

Our Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Digital Media Studies opens the doors to thousands of established and new careers in the ever-expanding fields of communications and media. Some of these include:

  • creative director
  • digital media strategist
  • journalist
  • professional editor
  • social media director
  • public relations officer
  • communications specialist
  • freelance content creator
  • communication policy analyst
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