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Course descriptions

To see the full undergraduate course map, please view the Communication and Digital Media Studies Academic Calendar.

Year 1

  • COMM 1100U Introduction to Communication Studies

    This course introduces students to communication studies with an overview of key topics in the field as defined by the various courses included in this degree. It will examine how knowledge of communication theory, communication processes and communication skills can be applied to successful communication practices.

  • COMM 1311U Writing and Publishing in the Digital Age

    This course introduces students to the theory and practice of professional writing, editing, distributing and exhibiting content through the web using digital publishing software.

  • COMM 1320U Public Speaking

    This course covers the fundamentals of public speaking and teaches students how to present their ideas effectively and professionally. The lecture component of the course focuses on the principles of public speaking while the tutorials allow students to practise public speaking.

  • COMM 1420U Living Digitally