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Learning environment

Most of the courses taught through FSSH have an online component that ranges from posting assignments and marks, to conducting in-depth discussions and sharing new learning.

Professors develop sophisticated course content using Blackboard, a campuswide learning management system that features interactive communication tools and online access to course materials.

Some courses are also offered in a hybrid delivery format that combines the traditional lecture/discussion method with web-based learning. You spend some of your scheduled class time learning inside the classroom and some of it outside the classroom engaged in web-based activities such as online group exercises, research tasks, online debates and webquests.

These activities are designed to enhance your writing, communication, negotiation and presentation skills, while deepening your understanding of course material through active learning.

Regent Theatre


The Regent Theatre opened its doors in 1919 and acted as a movie theatre and vaudeville performance venue. The theatre was owned and operated by Famous Players until it was sold in 1989.

The university purchased the Regent in 2009 and developed it into a large lecture hall. Since 2010, it has been used to house academic lectures for many Faculty of Social Science and Humanities courses.

Decimal lab

UOIT affiliate, the Decimal Lab explores our digital lives through personal media and how these technologies are affecting us on a bigger societal scale. 

Decimal Lab is directed by Isabel Pedersen (PhD), Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Digital Life, Media and Culture. 

For more information, visit the Decimal Lab website.

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