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Black History Month

Showcasing Black Excellence and Achievement

We invite you to the second-annual Black History Month event: Trajectories of Black Youth Achievements: Challenges and Possibilities.

Event details- Showcasing Black Excellence and Achievement
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Starting Fall 2016, all current and new students in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities can ‘bring-your-own-device’.

Learn more- Bring-your-own-device
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Experiential learning

Apply your classroom knowledge in a workplace setting.

Visit page- Experiential learning
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Explore FSSH

Innovative programs

Market-driven to meet the needs of employers.

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Faculty of Social Science And Humanities


Explore Social Science and Humanities

What makes us think that a person is innocent or guilty? Why do people share things on Facebook that they wouldn’t Face-to-face? The programs in our Faculty of Social Science and Humanities explore these critical issues and more to ensure graduates are prepared to be leaders in tomorrow’s workplace.


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